NB Clark to open new 137-acre recycling facility in Northumberland

Published: 08th April 2024

NB Clark will soon open a brand new construction and demolition waste recycling centre on a 137-acre site near Linton Colliery in Northumberland.

Purchased in 2021 for £750,000, we have since invested a further £750,000 to equip the site with a state-of-the-art Terex washing system.

This investment will enable us to turn what would ordinarily be waste into valuable, reusable materials.

The Terex AggreSand™ washing station separates materials based on size and type, using screens to classify and sort the spoil into different aggregate sizes, such as sand, gravel and larger stones.

The machine then thoroughly washes the separated materials to remove contaminants and de-waters them to reduce moisture content.

This ensures that the resulting aggregates are of high quality and suitable for recycling and reuse in various construction applications, such as producing concrete, asphalt and other building materials.

We hope this recycling plant will reduce the North East industry’s reliance on our limited natural resources and contribute to a more circular construction economy.

Duncan Clark, director at NB Clark, says: “We’re pleased to be nearing completion of our new spoil recycling centre, which we believe is the first of its kind in the region.

“We have invested a significant amount to ensure that we have the best equipment available and have been careful to consider the surrounding area, the overall look and feel of the site, and, of course, the noise levels and carbon footprint.

“We hope that this new recycling centre will enable us and other construction firms in the region to significantly reduce our reliance on raw materials and contribute to more sustainable construction practices.”